Technological Singularity

What is technological singularity? It’s the idea that humans will create a technological advancement that will be more advance then us. The idea essentially is that our advancements will advance itself at such a rate we cannot understand it let alone control it. Science Fiction uses Technological Singularity all the time.  The holy grail of sci-fi really. A perfect example for this is Hal from 2001 space odyssey.

Photo–Illustration by Phillip Toledano for TIME

The scary or exciting thing about technological singularity, is how close we are to it. I think this is what caused my frustration of the lack of robot movies, that I mentioned in an earlier post. Time magazine had an issue about our future and they predict 2045 to be the year of Technological Singularity. Many of will still be alive and will be the old farts of that generation. The question is are you afraid or excited?


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