Where did all the Robots go?

With the new Hugh Jackman movie Real Steel (more like real lame) coming out it got me thinking. What was the last Good robot film you saw in theaters? Maybe Wall-e (although intended for children), I hope you didn’t say IRobot. With the advancement of technology it seems that our imaginations have caught up with us. The 80’s were obviously the peak of future robots movies from Terminator to Bladerunner; it seemed illegal to have a sci fi movie in the 80’s without having a robot as the hero or villain. Even comedies had robots in them like Bill and Teds Excellent Adventure and Weird Science. I think movie goers today have lost their curiosity when it comes to robots from the future because technological singularity is so close. (Although if you found this article then probably not you.)


There has to be some way to save us from our own lack of curiosity of the future. We need a savior, a robot Jesus to come down and restore our interest in the rapidly dying movie genre. If only terminator could come back fin time and save his fellow future robots from their own judgment day.  And when I say that I don’t mean another crappy Terminator installment. Tell me what you think?





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